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Whether you are a small business or a large wholesaler, Wise-Sourcing can offer you a tailored range of solutions to streamline and cost-effectively enhance your sourcing process in China.

sourcing Negotiation

What Can You Obtain from Us?

Repackaging and consolidation.

Various products and samples from different factories will be repackaged and appropriately protected. They will then be sent together in one box to you.

Selecting cost-effective shipping for you.

Selection of suitable, cost-effective transportation methods according to the customer's requirements. Enhancing the packaging and protection of goods can solve transportation problems and reduce the risk of product damage during transit significantly.

Complimentary Sourcing Process

The sourcing process comes at no cost, while a reasonable commission is incurred upon making purchases through us. Furthermore, you can benefit from free quality inspection and temporary storage.

Rapidly Engage with Chosen Manufacturers in China

Our robust supply chain covers diverse industries. Our chosen suppliers offer high-quality products and services, effectively minimizing your trade risks and saving your time.

Effective Production Monitoring

We can track your orders promptly and perform quality inspections throughout the production process, guaranteeing the safety of your orders in China.

Transform Your Product Idea into Tangible Samples

When you have a product idea but face challenges in communicating with manufacturers, provide us with your concept, and we will safeguard it while transforming it into a marketable, repeatable product.

Procurement secured

We are a company that has a reliable procurement process to ensure that we receive goods. If there are any quality problems, we can rectify them with the factory. If you are an overseas enterprise, you may not be able to track product disputes or prevent fraud during procurement. However, through us, we can protect your procurement security and provide after-sales service.

We can guide you through China.

Our company has specialized guides who can travel with you to the factory address you provide. They can also help you communicate by translating, arrange hotel accommodations, and meals for you.

Rapid One-on-One Service

Upon submitting your inquiry, you will be assigned a dedicated customer representative. Considering time zone disparities, our customer representative will reply to you within 8 hours from the time of receiving your inquiry.

Comprehensive Solutions for E-commerce Sellers

We provide a comprehensive array of services tailored to e-commerce sellers on platforms like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and more. These services encompass customization, quality inspection, labeling, packaging, and door-to-door delivery.

Collection of Market Information

1. Sourcing Consultation, 2. Trade Recommendations, 3. Shipping Advice, 4. Industry Analysis

Sourcing Report with Recommendations

1. Sourcing Report, 2. Estimated Production Time and Shipping Costs, 3. Product Enhancement (Mold Opening)

Sourcing, Sample Production, Shipping

1. Sample Collection and Review, 2. Negotiation, 3. Production Arrangement, 4. Shipping Arrangement.

China sourcing Will Do Verify the factory
China sourcing Will Do Verify the factory

Prompt Response

All Trade Challenges You Encounter in China Can Be Resolved with WISE-SOURCING

Before using WISE-SOURCING...
China sourcing Dropshipping
Inefficient procurement of resources, significant time wasted on comparisons.
Lack of a dependable partner to represent you.
Require management of over 10 Chinese suppliers.
nfamiliarity with the shipping process, or potential overcharging.
China sourcing After-Sales Follow-up
After using WISE-SOURCING..
China sourcing Sample Collection
Discover quality products and suppliers quickly.
Gain a dependable partner in China to serve as your representative.
Assist in managing diverse suppliers and orders.
Adaptable export transportation solutions and reasonably consistent pricing.

Questions You Might Have

China sourcing Shipping

After years of accumulation, our company possesses numerous high-quality supplier resources. With the advancement of networking, we can swiftly identify suppliers in different cities as well. Moreover, Chinese individuals enjoy the advantage of leveraging their own resources, including friends, family, and even colleagues, who might possess valuable manufacturing and supplier connections.

We do not sell customer information to any third parties. Your information is valuable to us, and our sole focus is on providing sourcing services. We will not send you any advertisements or spam.

We do not sell customer information to any third parties. Your information is highly valuable to us. Our sole focus is on providing sourcing services, and we will not send you any advertisements or spam.

When the goods arrive, we will randomly open boxes from each product type, not just one or two boxes. This practice ensures that the entire bulk shipment is problem-free. We then take photos or videos to provide you with a true representation of the product’s condition. Additionally, if any cartons are damaged, we will replace them.

For the past seven years, we have been engaged in sourcing across a wide range of industries. Whenever we venture into a new industry, we approach it with curiosity, diligence, and enthusiasm, striving to learn all about its intricacies. When faced with complex product issues, we seek guidance from experts, ensuring that we provide our customers with accurate information.

We will contact the supplier and arrange for the return of the goods. The majority of Chinese suppliers are willing to take responsibility for such errors. In cases where we encounter less cooperative Chinese suppliers who might decline the return, if your order was facilitated through us, we will have a contract in place to safeguard your order.

We offer various secure payment methods to ensure the safety of your transactions. Additionally, we support payments in multiple currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, CNH, CAD, SGD, JPY, AUD, and NZD. We also operate a physical company in mainland China, providing easy access in case of any issues. You can further enhance security by signing a contract with us and utilizing our mainland company seal. Moreover, we provide the option for secure payments through PayPal and T/T (Telegraphic Transfer). PayPal is renowned for its robust buyer protection, while T/T offers a direct and traceable payment method. Both options are widely recognized and trusted in the industry, ensuring the safety of your transactions.